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Published: 08th April 2011
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If you have been put in charge of coming up with a fundraiser for an event, you may be wondering what in the world to do. Hopefully you have been given a committee of people to work with, but if not, here are a few tips when it comes to getting fundraiser ideas. These fundraiser ideas are designed to help you pinpoint the things that are important to a fundraiser to increase the ability to get more money raised for the causes you are working for.

When planning a fundraiser, you need to get into the heads of your demographic. This will allow you to think of fundraiser ideas that you previously have not thought of. For example, if you are doing a fund raiser with kids, the best thing to do is to think like a kid. If that proves to be hard, go ahead and talk to a few kids in order to brainstorm some fundraiser ideas. Picking fundraiser ideas that would be fun for the kids is the whole key to making an event a success. This same tip goes across the board to adults. Talk to adults for fundraiser ideas as to what they think would be a fun activity, or venue to hold the event in. These tidbits of information will help you to come up with fundraiser ideas that will greatly help you when it comes to working hard on planning a good event.

The next tip that we have when it comes to fundraiser ideas is to understand the types of foods that work well with different age groups. For example, it would be a horrible idea to serve lasagna at a kids fundraiser. While this sounds good, these fundraiser ideas has several flaws with it. First of all, kids will get messy, and heaven knows that parents hate cleaning up messy kids. This fundraiser ideas for food also requires them to sit down and eat with a fork, which takes them away from the activities that help you to raise money. Fundraiser ideas for food should make things easier. In this case, having foods such as pizza, or corndogs would be a better fundraiser ideas as they are cleaner and can be eaten on the go. This allows the attendees to spend money at the events and booths to be able to help the fundraiser raise more money.

Fundraiser ideas for prizes are also important to consider. For example, fundraiser ideas for clothing accessories such as spirit sleeves are a great idea. Spirit sleeves are bright and can be worn by kids which will cause other kids to want them. This effect makes for good fundraiser ideas as more kids will purchase items that raise money. Finding prizes that work for the demographic is important as a raffle type system might work better for adults and teenagers than kids. Going over fundraiser ideas that think about these types of factors is important in order to choose the best fundraiser ideas that are on the table. By following these tips, you will be better prepared to think of things that people actually want to do, instead of things that you think would be fun.

Fundraiser Ideas

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