Getting Teachers to Participate In Fundraisers

Published: 08th April 2011
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School fundraisers can be very successful things, but for those that have to put them together, the task can be a bit daunting. The whole point of school fundraisers is to provide the community with an event that will help to raise money for the schools in which kids receive their education. School fundraisers success completely depends on the elements and components that make them up. Too often, school fundraisers are not fun enough, don't have enough prizes, and are missing elements which make them less successful. Since so much work goes into school fundraisers, the success of a fundraiser will make all of the planning much more worth it and rewarding when it is all said and done. So how do you make school fundraisers more successful?

There are several answers to this question, but the one that should require great focus is the help that you receive from the teaching staff at the school. The teachers are a key component to school fundraisers as children love to interact with their teachers in a fun environment that is not like the classroom. If you decide to have a carnival feel to your school fundraisers, one the best things to do is to make your teachers the ones that run the booth at the school fundraisers. If they don't run the booths, it can also be fun to have the teachers dress up in costume and participate as clowns. Another really fun thing to do at school fundraisers is to get the teachers to perform a musical number or skit for the kids to see. Kids love this type of thing and parents do too as it gives the school fundraisers a much more personal feel to things.

Having the teachers participate in the school fundraisers is a large part of making them successful. Another key component to the school fundraisers are the prizes that the teachers will be handing out to the kids that participate in games or challenges. The prizes need to be something that kids actually want. Nix the pencil boxes and solar calculators and get something that a child can enjoy at home. Parents will be much more willing to spend money on the school fundraisers if their child wants a prize at one of the booths. To help you out with some ideas for prizes, the biggest thing to remember is that the prizes need to be fun and give the child something to remember. For example, spirit sleeves are clothing accessories that fit on the child's arm. This type of prize is fun because they are colorful, can be worn by the child, and alerts other children who don't have one to go get one. These types of prices are very effective when it comes to getting a school fundraiser to be successful. School fundraisers that utilize good prizes see a large increase in revenue to use for the education of the kids involved.

As you can see, utilizing the teachers in school fundraisers is very important as well as prizes. School fundraisers that utilize these things see great success and generate lots of money.

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